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Mac OS X – System-wide equaliser

I’ve been often wondering why Apple didn’t include a system-wide equaliser in their OS X. To be honest, even most free mp3 player software already comes with it. It used to be in iTunes, but somehow they had to get rid of it.

Now I wonder… what could be the reason they don’t allow you to do so. Sometimes, when playing a movie on my laptop, I wished I could turn up the volume a little more then the default max. Yes, I am aware that there are apps in the AppStore that offer this option, but why pay 7$ for something like this? Even more so… most of those software solutions mess up the sound quality a lot.

However, when you listen to different kind of music styles, you’d also like to adjust basic equaliser levels of bass, mid-range and treble. Just to have the perfect experience. And hey… wasn’t that exactly what Apple was striving for?

I would love to figure out what the reasons were not to include this in OS X and why to remove it even from iTunes.