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Aqua Data Studio support

As being an IT professional working with several database platforms, I’m using since years the applicatoin: Aqua Data Studio from AquaFold. This tool is in my opinion amazing. It contains all you really want in a good database development and maintenance tool. It’s quick in compare with other commercial products and last but not least, the price. It’s very affordable.


The support however is something that is really worth noticing. Ever had some questions or problems with a tool and waited like forever to get a response from the vendor that actually didn’t help you further? Well… not with these guys! I’ve had several times contact with them. Different subjects like me loosing my license-key mail to a bug in pie-chart when showing storage usage of table spaces. I seriously got quick answers (no longer than a few hours wait!!) and guess what… this pie-chart that didn’t show correctly? I already have a patch that fixes the issue!! They fixed it in a matter of hours.


I am very very satisfied with the whole product and how the company behind it handles support. That’s why I wanted to write this big shout out here. If you are considering buying a tool like this, forget about the rest and get this one. It’s worth every single buck!!